Hello there ! I’m a regular contributor on the Flarum Discuss community forum and have contributed to multiple Flagrow extensions. I’ve been working with Flarum since beta 6.

As well as contributing to the community and releasing open-source extensions, I offer some professional services:

(Please note these services are not affiliated with the Flarum, Gravure or Flagrow teams)

Services summary (click to go to its section below):

Flarum database migration

Due to my limited availability, the migration service is currently on hold.

I’m working on an automated version of the service that I hope to release in 2019.

Extension development

The extension you desperately need does not exist yet ? Let’s create it.

I usually work for a fixed price based on the the requirements we have to set in advance. If you want me to improve an existing extension or expect a lot of changes in the near future, I also offer an hourly rate.

Email me a description of your project so I can see if it’s something I can do and whether it fits my schedule. I can then offer you an estimate.

General help

I often help people free of charge via Flarum Discuss or the Flagrow Discord. No need to mention me, other qualified people will help you there as well.

If you’re looking for custom guidance on large projects, please get in touch.